Over Knee Extra Long Sleeve Elastic Leg

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Extra long Compression sleeves are one of the most affordable and easiest means of easing the pain of an aching knee joint from arthritis or sports-related soreness.

All orders placed can be sent to the USA.

    • Extra long full coverage for your leg, calf, shin
    • Perfect for training exercises and sports Weightlifting Lifting, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis, Running, Cycling etc
    • It is also has medical care function, leg warmer, good for arthritis person, keep knees warm in winter, helpful for recovery.
    • Help minimize arthritic or achy knee pain for many people.
    The placebo effect of compression sleeves is probably even larger. 
    Provide pain relief, they usually provide an improved sense of knee stability.
    You will find that your knees are better able to tolerate certain activities like walking, running, tennis, and golfing when wearing a compression sleeve 
    Made in México 
    VAT no included